What is PermaPress or Foil Printing?

Vinyl decoration is when you cut out or print your design onto vinyl and then heat transfer that vinyl onto the garment. It is your best choice for accurately reproducing photographs and it is perfect for things like team personalization, because each decoration is printed or cut separately.

Vinyl is also where you’ll find foil printing, which gives your design a shiny/metallic look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between vinyl and cut vinyl?

Cut vinyl is when a design is cut out of vinyl and then heat pressed onto a garment. There is no printing involved in cut vinyl, as the shape of the vinyl itself becomes the design. It is perfect for letters and numbers.

With printed vinyl, a design is printed onto vinyl and the entire piece of vinyl is heat pressed onto a garment. Printed vinyl is perfect for photographs and other full color prints.  

Do you have shiny/metallic vinyl?

We sure do! We inventory a ton of different foil colors. Contact a Product Expert to see if your preferred color is available.

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