What is Screen Printing

The classic method of apparel decoration, most of the shirts we decorate at Merchday are screen printed. We’ve been perfecting the process for decades and use the highest-quality inks. Our efficiency allows us to quickly produce high-quality garments, meaning they’ll get to your door faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Screen Printing last long?

Screen printing is one of the most durable print methods, and if properly cured, can last for decades.

Is there a minimum for screen printing?

It depends on the garment you choose and the number of colors in your design. If you are set on screen printing, let one of our Product Experts know and they’ll get you set up.

Can you only screen print on T-Shirts

We can screen print on pretty much anything... hats, bags, pants, towels, koozies, socks, and more. Call one of our Product Experts if you want to set up screen printing on a product not seen on our site.

Print Examples